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This application is a tool for teachers and administrators to view which students are on the f-list for a given week. They can then determine which students are eligible to participate in certain privileged activities. It provides data to indicate which students are doing poorly, as well as which teachers are doing poorly (based on the number of f-students they have).

Teachers log-in weekly and add their f-list students for the following week. This list is then added to the schools "pool" of f-list data and can be viewed, searched, sorted, and printed by teachers and administrators. They have access to four weeks worth of f-lists, so they can reference the week before last week, last week, this week, and next week as needed.

The cutoff date to enter students for next week can be set by the administrator, if they would like teachers to be restricted from entering students between 8:15 a.m. Friday and 6:00 a.m. Monday, for example. Every Friday morning, the administrator will receive an email containing a list of teachers who have not submitted their f-list for the following week.

Completion Date

February 15th, 2005