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The Teacher-2-Parent application was developed to enhance the communication between K-12 teachers and parents online. The application is very flexible and can be used by any school after they are provided an administrative account. This account is then used to setup teacher and parent accounts. The application contains two distinct modules: Homework Online and Report Card Online. Although the modules use the same database, they can be used independently from one another. They are secure and require login access.

Homework Online allows teachers the ability to post their current assignments for each of their courses. These assignments will then be displayed as a list (containing course title, assignment, and date posted) on the parent side of the application. Parents are not required to login to this module.

Report Card Online allows teachers the ability to submit periodical (i.e. quarter, semester, term) grades for their students. They can then print out reports based on the report style(s) supplied by the school. Parents then have the ability to login and view their child's grade report for each period. These grades are kept very secure and cannot be changed by anyone except the teacher. Parents only have the ability to view their child's grades and teachers only have the ability to submit their student's grades.

Completion Date

March 8th, 2004