Zack Jenks Exceeding expectations in web practices by combining a knack for problem solving with a passion for usability, accessibility, clean design, and healthy code.
I like the flexible manner you provided for entering data .. I appreciate all the behind the scenes work you did, so I c...

Customer Quotes

Wow! I am always impressed with your work and creativity when I see one of the apps you have created. Jerry Copeland came by McKay on Monday, and showed us the math mapping features available to us. I look forward to using it. I wanted to take this moment to send off a thank you for all the behind the scenes work you do to keep our technology implementation running smoothly!
- Gary Briggs, Teacher
Thanks so much for all you have done for us this year. The report card is such a great thing and every report card day I get so many warm fuzzies and I need to be passing them on to you since you did it all!
- Cathy Hendricks, Teacher
It looks super! Your additions accurately reflect what we talked about on Monday.
- Robert Valiant, Online Curriculum Coordinator
I just played around with the program and am in awe! It works wonderful!
- Christine Notaras, Teacher
Thanks for working on this on such short notice. Your efforts are truly appreciated.
- Jim Reger, Principal
Thank you! It is nice to have it taken care of by someone who knows how to do it, not just by guess and by golly.
- Edie Proctor, Teacher
Great work Zack, thanks so much for your help with this. I know it has been a huge concern and frustration at Grove so we thank you for coming to their aid.
- Steve Carnes, Principal
YOU ROCK! Thanks so much!
- Amanda Bess, ESL
The homepage layout looks outstanding. Being able so see the form will greatly assist staff in knowing which link to use. Excellent Work!
- Jim Reger, Principal
Excellent, good work. I'm presenting to most of the districts so be prepared for lots of business ... also I'm going to be putting in a very good word for the service you've given us Zack. I could not be more pleased.
- Steve Carnes, Principal
You are such a good guy! Thanks for helping all my problems as I express them in such a panicked manner. I have sure enjoyed working with you on the report card.
- Cathy Hendricks, Committee Leader
Great! These tools for teachers to post online are what we've been begging for.
- Nancy Pratt, Instructional Services
I appreciate your dedication and hard work. I look forward to sharing the progress with my staff. I know they will be excited.
- Jim Reger, Principal
Looks Great and Works Great! ... Thanks so much. We sure appreciate all that you have done and do for us.
- Gary Humphries, Teacher
I like the flexible manner you provided for entering data .. I appreciate all the behind the scenes work you did, so I can do the up-front part ...
- Gary Briggs, Teacher
Thanks for all you help! That's what I call good service.
- Rene Levy, Teacher
You're a computer genius! I'm glad we have you around.
- Shannon Collins, Teacher
Thanks so much for working so quickly.
- Beth Fry, Teacher
My report cards are working perfectly, Thanks a million.
- Lisa Irwin, Teacher
Thanks for all your report card expertise! We all love it now - And you!!!
- Cathy Hendricks, Committee Leader
[The application] you created is exactly what I wanted. It's simple and easy to activate when needed ... The administrators were happy to hear about this being put in place also, so you made another positive contribution to ESD's service reputation. Thanks Again.
- Cindy Criswell, Desktop Support Specialist
It all looks great! ... It's great to have these applications that make life easier ... Hope your recording all this for your portfolio ... Thanks!
- Leslie Devine, Helpdesk Team Leader
Great Job ... You ARE MAAAAVELOUS ...
- Jacque Talboy, Web Master
The Work order system works great ... and I really appreciate all of your help
- Jamie Powers, Administrator
Thanks for all your help ... This program is WONDERFUL!
- Christine Notaras, Teacher
I LOVE the app you built ... It makes my life very easy!
- Richie Oviatt, Programs Specialist
Thank you for being so prompt ... [and] for your time putting this together for me.
- Mary Ann Bennett, Human Resources
... an excellent method to track license numbers as well as a control for application use without proper licenses. At last UMESD has a very accurate account of the computers with their applications. Also an excellent method for querying that data for very specific information ...
- Ken Thompson, Helpdesk